Boolean Problem in Toolpath and Simulation

Making a simple sign, going to v-carve some text, some lines and such. I made a Boolean on the outside border with a rectangle and a circle on each corner. I did the Boolean function to subtract the circle, so each corner has a simple concave line on it. Similiar to an “Admit One” ticket. In fact that’s what I’m making.

PROBLEM: the toolpath for that outside border with the Boolean and concave curves has an additional blue toolpath from corner to corner which results in a “X” carved across the center of the sign. That Boolean border is the only toolpath that has it. Everything else comes out fine.

Your help is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Having a hard time envisioning this — post the file?

I selected the subject outline. The corners have the curves - I used the Boolean-subtract function (circle over the corner, subtract) to get it like that.

The problem is now there is that blue toolpath that goes across the design. In simulation is also cuts into the wood.

That’s a V-carve of just that path — If you want to have raised text, then select it as well when you make the toolpath.

See for a discussion of this.

Thanks for the response. I’m not planning for raised text. I’m planning to just v-carve everything into it. When I created the Boolean, I expected the tool to just follow the newly shaped line. None of my images overlap, just trying to use the Boolean/subtract. Apparently that’s not how it works?

Or maybe I’m not using the right function? Just trying to cut a border on the design. Would that be a contour > No Offset?

Sorry for all the questions, new user here trying to get better!

Correct. Contour / No offset for a border.


This is a very neat wedding plaque. I think I spot an error in the date. If 71720017 is supposed to be 7/17/2017 you have an extra zero in the number. A possible fix would be to move that zero to the beginning of the number 07172017.