Boolean Subtraction and Concentric Objects - It doesn't really cut a hole, does it

I have a basic question that has an empiric answer - but I’m not particularly happy with it:

If I have concentric shapes like this:

and I use Boolean Subtraction, with the INTENT of creating a square with a hole in the middle
The result looks like this:

Which LOOKS right…but if I grab the outer box and move it, the hole in the middle doesn’t go with it

So, it’s NOT really cutting out the area of the circle - the subtraction is successful, but does nothing.

Is there a way to actually do that? (In CC).

Carbide Create does not support composite paths — the closest thing to this would be to group the two elements — you’ll get the desired behavior so long as both are selected when you make toolpaths.

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OK…yes. That’s what I figured. Thanks.

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