Bought a 2.2kw spindle finally!

(Gary) #21

Luke has a good write up for install. Other than a little soldering it’s pretty straight forward.

(Stephen Taylor) #22

Yea I was kind of freaking out for a bit over all of it. Went back and read the stuff I missed … Does t seem so bad I just have to wait until Sunday to install a 220v in the garage

(Gary) #23

If you don’t have experience with house wiring to add the 240V circuit I would strongly recommend finding someone who does. The potential for an accident is there.

(Stephen Taylor) #24

Yea I have a friend that does that kind of stuff, I am absolutely not doing it haha

(Jeff Helget) #25

Could you give a little more detail on the step up converter you found? Thanks

(Loyde Berkholtz) #26

Hey ,Nice going.I found the 2.2 kw spindle pretty heavey with a larger mounting bracket.You may have to add stronger return springs.In the end I bought a .8 kw works pretty sweet,I also kept my Dc drive independent from the cnc,keeping things simple c/w water cooling…

(Gary) #27

He bought an HDZ. No springs required

(Stephen Taylor) #28

Yep I have one too. Just need that mount… Really rather not drill holes lol

(Graham Gerhardt) #29

Here is the link:

I purchased the 1st option - 5V PWM to 0-10V. Works well - and hookup is pretty straightforward.

But as some of the others said - sometimes your VFD can accept a 0-5V signal, you might just need to change one of its internal setup codes. On mine, that just wasn’t possible, so I needed the converter.