Brass engraving question


I’m trying to engrave on brass stamp, but the engraving process is very slow! Like very very very slow! It took about 2 hours to engrave the dot in top of the design.

I had some unfortunate times broken some bits on the brass, so this time I’m trying to engrave on Renshape to try it out.

I have ZERO CNC knowledge, so the numbers I put was by checking nomad speed sheet and some tutorials.
This is the bit I’m using:

I would if someone advice me, about the correct numbers and speeds.

Thank you,

The feeds and speeds in Carbide Create are very conservative.

I would have entered that endmill as a V bit (unfortunately, Carbide Create doesn’t support entering a radius for a V endmill):

Then used the feeds and speeds in Carbide Create as a starting point, doing test cuts in a scrap of material using the technique from:

You’ll need to set your Z zero in a way which accounts for the ball-tip (use a feeler gauge to make up for the missing length).

That’s a very delicate endmill though, and I suspect you’ll have better results with it using a tool such as Vectric Vcarve which will generate toolpaths which use G2/G3 arcs.

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