Brass Name plates

What is the best process for engraving something like this?
I know a laser is probably best but i dont have one.
Diamond engrave? Vcarve? looking for suggestions

Diamond-drag engraving would work well — V carving might work well so long as the cutting depth doesn’t exceed the thickness of the plate.

While granite, the same principle would apply:

or see:

V carving is just a matter of working up feeds and speeds which will cut well and won’t break off the tip of the V endmill (DAMHIKT).


Amana Tool 51692 will cut things tougher than brass too

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I’ve made several brass engravings using a diamond tip bit. the detail is amazing.


what bit size did you use

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Actually, laser doesn’t work that great. Use a metal engraving bit, like this one:

But know ahead of time that you’ll break a few until you get the speeds and feeds right.

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To get the results you want, you need a spring loaded bit holder. It seems that this is what you insert into the bit holder. If you use this directly in the Shapeoko, you may get inconsistencies in the depth of cut. You should use something like this instead.

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on the cheap diamond drag bits just be aware of the slop between the pin part that has the engraving tip and the barrel part that holds the spring. i bought a cheapo never really got good results on small projects. the small pcb cutting bits that mikep recommended come in a variety of geometries like a 2 flute and smaller cutter angle. i have had some success with on aluminum dog tags.

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