Brass V-cut with pcb engravers

I’m making a 1" diameter pendant that has a piece of 0.5mm thick C360 brass layered on to a piece of wood. In the brass I would like to cutout several stars with sharp as possible points. I was looking at 1/64" end mills, but even then it looks like all detail will get lost to the radius. I was thinking maybe I could v-carve it in order to maintain the detail. I have a #501 and #502 pcb engraver bit but was not sure if they would be suitable for making brass cutouts on the Nomad 3.

Does anyone have experience or thoughts on this? Maybe a better tool recommendation? Also it seems to be hard to find thin sheets of C360, any recommendation on suppliers? I have mainly been looking on Mcmaster.

I have used 50x PCB tools on brass as a second operation after roughing out with a larger tool. My work piece was much larger and I had to anneal the brass to stop it curling when only one side was machined.

At Carbide 3D HQ we have used the 501 and 502 frequently in brass. For jewelry, Zippo Lighters and brass stamps, those to endmills have been our mainstays.

Here’s a Zippo Example. I’ll find some of the stamps so you can see deeper relief.


Awesome, good info, thanks


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If you’re cutting the stars out, have you considered a punch?

Thanks. Not exactly sure how machinable it is, but I’m going to try some C280 “Muntz Metal” Brass. Seems like C360 isn’t readily available in thin sheets.

That is a good idea, I will look into it, thanks.

Finally got around to it, very happy with my first try



Happy to see you having success with these. I was using a 502 in aluminum on Friday. I’ll be at it again tomorrow.

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