Breaking vectors

I hope this make sense, Sometimes when I down load a image is has other vector attached I don’t wont but if its connected I dont know how to break it off the image I want so I can delete it and not delete what I want saved?

Carbide Create does not have an option to convert a closed path into an open, and the only ways one can reduce geometry is to delete nodes (you could get the desired effect by duplicating the original, dragging it into registration with the original and deleting nodes from from then the other) or Boolean operations.

If you’d post a file you’re having difficulty with we might be better able to assist.

Thank you, that is what i thought. Im a old machinist so have a good understanding of Mach. and code. Not much programming exp. And being new to cnc routers. I am beginning to think that I should be learning one of the other Programs because seems Carbide Create fall short in many areas. Would you agree ?


Carbide Create is designed to be simple, I suspect focused on the 80/20 rule — you only need 20% of typical features for 80% of typical work, and the remaining 20% of tasks would require a four-fold increase in programming effort and interface complication.

I’ve tried pretty much everything, and I find Carbide Create the most straight-forward and simplest thing to use — if you’d post the file you’re having difficulty with I’m sure we can come up with step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish what you’re working on.

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