Bring Bit Runner Back for the Pro

So in looking at the website, it says that Bit Runner was a limited production product, but it also has a place where you can be emailed when it is back in stock.

So is it coming back, or is it discontinued?

I’m waiting for my pro to arrive, and had my heart set on adding this to it.

How many of you would like to avoid the hassle of turning your spindle on and off?

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My understanding is that due to demand there will be a second production run of BitRunners, then work will be done to develop a v2:


What are the differences between V1 and V2 going to be?

Is V1 plug and play with the Pro? When will the V1 batch be available?



I ordered a BitRunner during the first run, in prep for what I though would be an XXL, which became a Pro. From posts I think it’s supposed to be compatible (plug and play). Box 1 arrived yesterday, Box 2 (which has electronics) is on a truck today. I’ll be able to confirm it all works together today or tomorrow.

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My impression is that the V1 was expensive and not easy to source parts for. They really used some burley internals in them. The BitRunner connector on the standard board, and the Pro look to be the same. Once I get my Pro I can also confirm fit and function with my V1 BitRunner.

I hope with the V2, that they can find a way to keep the same big, quality relays of the V1.


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