Broken bit mid job

Hi if I am using meshcam and am doing a simple job with a roughing and finish pass. Halfway through the finish pass I broke a bit.

Is there any way to replace the bit and resume? Or do I have to start the job completely over again?

If I have to start it over again what is the process? Can I regenerate the toolpath and skip the roughing (since I already completed that) and just start the finishing path again? If I do that then as long as I don’t reset the machine 0 it should maintain the 0’ed axis from the previous job right?

Thanks for your help

Ouch. It happens.

Yes, regenerating the toolpath w/o the roughing and re-zeroing will work. It should keep the zero — if not, re-set it from your notes on the offsets (I like to use the rapid position points as origins whenever possible so as to make that a bit easier.)

In theory you could extract the plain text G-code (if necessary) skip past the header, delete the roughing and the already completed parts, save the file, then re-send.

In practice, this is why I make files in discrete toolpath sections.

Thanks for the reply. I never thought about the opening up the gcode and deleting the roughing.

Another question, does the nomad retain the zero until you re-zero no matter what? Like if I turn the machine on and off again?

It should retain it, but I don’t like to rely on it. At the very least, you should check against notes of what the offset from the machine origin is, and against a reference feature on your stock.

Oh yes, if you’re going to need to decrypt the files, please see: