Broken Limit Switch IDK why?

Mine has been sorted through processing facility in ghuangzhou EMS since December 1st. This wait is killing me, next time I will try the reprapworld. But seeing as it’s 10 meters that shouldn’t be for awhile barring any operator stupidity.

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Got my Belt yesterday from RipRap. It took 16 days to Florida if anyone is planning on ordering from them. They look identical to what came with my Shapeoko 2 months ago. What had me laughing is how they packed it…
The unboxing:

I was like WTF guys, so I grab it up and start unraveling it and trying to wind it into a coil and about 5 minutes in it just freaks out and unravels again so I gave up and shoved it all back in the box haha…


I got mine from China finally. My wife said she’s fairly sure customs opened it looking for drugs. Apparently what they wrapped it in is the same stuff she sees on those border/customs shows that the drug mules wrap everything in to throw off the scanners. Going to put them on tomorrow hopefully.

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