Broken Limit Switch

But the $50 kit doesn’t appear to fit my XXL. Each switch is separate and suspect the wires aren’t long enough. I can’t find my replacement for my machine on Carbide site.
I have pictures. Thanks

We have the homing switch kits at:

Just let us know when you place your order which sort of machine you want it for.

If you ordered and got the wrong one, let us know at

If you have broken switches, either bundled w/ a machine or from the kit, let us know at and we’ll do our best to help.

The Beaver Pro switches come with 3m cables on each switch :smiley:

Having similar issues. Just installed my homing kit last week and the z axis switch was broken right out of the box. Robotshop and Will at C3D did a great job of supporting me and sent me a new z limit switch. I installed it, it worked like a charm for 5 test homings and then started to read that it is constantly engaged (failed like previous one). I have tested the switch off the machine and it reads as being constantly closed (like previous one). I am 99.9 percent sure that it is installed correctly – only tip of switch touching fully raised gantry. Any ideas? Just bad luck with two faulty switches? Would really like to use this thing?
Thanks in advance,

Please let us know at and send in a photo of how you have it installed.

Some folks have mentioned using a switch (temporarily) from an appliance such as a washing machine (could be one could buy them at Radio Shack, but that’s not the store I remember from when I was a kid — back then, had to wait for the proprietor to put down his soldering iron and come up front from the back workroom).