I got brave and tried a .stl file on my Shapeoko 3 to see how well it might work, being a “2.5 D” system. I was surprised at how well this really did work out as I had to downsize the contents of the file to fit my system platform. It still has bugs in the file which I need to correct still, but, as a first run on anything like the .stl formatting I’m satisfied. The photos depict a 6" version of the bank downsized from at least a 10" version with no other modifications than the downsize.
The modifications were down in Aspire and run through CMotion. Photos below.


Don’t worry about defects in carving, because it will get really banged up soon after you (or someone you know :roll_eyes:) starts beating it to get that change out! :smiley:

Looks like it was cast in metal to me. Nice job!

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I hit the Menards paint department and got help to find a paint that was actually named NICKEL! It does look like metal even up close. I still have a repair to paint a second time then a couple of clear coats and then it gets a black wax coating and then buffing to make it show up highlights better.

Hey, thanks for checking it out and for the feedback.

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