Bug Report: 530 Reproducible - Polygon radius greyed out

To reproduce this issue in a new CC file:

  1. create any polygon (radius will be enabled and editable)
  2. Create a square
  3. Create another polygon and the radius is greyed out. This is also true for any subsequent polygons. Also the original polygon now has radius disabled as well.

Seems to be specific to the Windows build (was able to reproduce there), but doesn’t seem to happen on the Mac OS X build EDIT: running in Big Sur.

That’s weird… I am on a Mac using the 530 build. I am still seeing the issue.

Which OS version are you on?

I am on 10.15.7 – Big Sur gives me hives. :slight_smile:

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If you create a circle then click on the polygon the radius will be available. But if you click back on the square again the radius will be grayed out again. click on the circle again and the radius will be available again. Has something to do with the square which has its radius grayed out.

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