Build 403 observations and requests

CTRL-Z seems to have lost it’s key binding to Undo, should be an easy fix…

The 403 build crashes much less than the 3 series on large designs, which is great progress. I wish there was a nicer way to help fix the remaining crashes, like either automatic crash reporting or at least something to send.

The machining time display is a great addition, but now that that line is there I wish it would also just print the tool number in it, makes it easier to see which paths are which tool.

I would like a layer in the cam side to have a default depth, and each toolpath for that layer start out with that depth, rather than the .4 inch default. speaking of .4 inch default, could that not be “half of stock height” instead please, much less likely to break bits that way on accidents

There are some visual artifacts when you create some elements and matching toolpaths, and then delete the elements in the designer but not the toolpaths. once that happens and you switch between design and tool path views, visual corruption happens

In the cam view, would be nice if disabled layers wouldn’t show their paths in the main view

In terms of feature requests, I’d love to see an option in the design space to lock objects into position; it would sort of act like ‘grouping’, eg it’s a toggle. but once toggled to on, the object cannot move anymore.

well many more detailed things I’d like to see, I’d code and contribute them myself if the project was open source (or even if available under NDA)

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I have not had visual artifacts in the 400 series yet but I’ve had them multiple times in the 300 even with toolpaths and objects deleted. It was so annoying that I had to recreate another project in CVC and start from scratch then decided to move to VCarve to recreate it once again.

it’s certainly much less than the 3 series (it started there with the release that added layers), but it’s not entirely gone yet