Build: 431 Released: Aug 20, 2019

Hello all.
I have downloaded and installed the Build: 431 Released: Aug 20, 2019 and it seems to be missing the clear drawing field.
When i look on youtube with people running the program there is this field clear drawing.

But it is not in my program ??

Can sombody explain ?

Thank you.

Brgds. Ove

Really don’t think you need it what are you trying to do that’s its not letting you do? I think you would just go to file- new. if you wanted to clear/ reset the workspace.

I have gone through so many versions of CC and don’t remember what exactly this function did or where it was removed,

Mine (Build 431) does not have it either, just go to File/New and it will open a fresh screen with no drawings (asking you if you want to save first of course).

Just checked the 3 versions I currently have installed. 431-no, 413-no, 400-yes so apparently it’s something they decided was no longer needed.

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Ok i was just wondering. Completly New to this.
Thank you.

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