Build 579 BitZero off by 10mm

I had to reinstall Windows 11 on my laptop (it’s a long story), and I reinstalled CM build 579. I have an XL and configured the machine settings to Shapeoko 3XL with Load Defaults (the travel dimensions are x=830, y=430, z=140). I have an HDZ. When I used the BitZero and probed Z, it worked but when it raised after the probe was successful it stopped at 21.5mm. I’m used to it stopping at 31mm. I removed the BitZero and used the old paper method and at 0mm, the bit was almost 9.5mm above the surface. I zeroed with the paper and successfully ran my job. I rechecked the configuration and realized that I used the BitZero v2 instead of the v1, which I have. Is the v2 approx. 10mm shorter than the v1?

I do not know the specifications exactly but the V2 is shorter than a v1. So that might just be your solution. In CM once you set the version you have it is persistent. So you should be able to set v1/v2 and it is good until you reload CM with a new install.

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