Build a clock in Carbide Create

Hey all, I’ve been building clocks for a year now on my Shapeoko XL. After getting tired of manually creating the clock ticks, I built a web-based tool for generating them.

The clock tick generator is available here:

Here is a video demonstration:

Hopefully it can be of use to someone. :slight_smile:


congratulations campeterson beautiful work :+1: , it makes me want to make clock

Dont know how I missed this! Awesome!

This is fantastic! I also missed this when you originally posted this but it will really help me design the face of the (electronically bastardized) grandfather clock I am building for my mother. Now all I need is to figure out how to design a teeny tiny working carousel that revolves on the hour (I know I will have to use an Arduino or RasPi to run the motor and play the calliope music, I just need to have the little horses moving up and down in the proper way)

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