Build Shapeoko 3 + XXL kit as Just XL?

Hi All

Can an original Shapeoko 3 kit plus the XXL upgrade add-on kit be built as just an XL? If not, anyone know what’s the delta in parts? I suspect at least the metal brace in the middle would be missing. I don’t know if the side rails are the same size in the original kit as the XL or not. I’m not overly concerned about the spoil board.

I’ve had my original Shapeoko 3 kit in storage for a while, and earlier this year, bought the XXL upgrade. My renovation here is almost complete, but now I realize the XL is a better fit for the space I actually have available. I keep waffling on this, but it’s clear that the smaller size would be much easier for me to work with. Given that I plan to mill panels and whatnot, I really only need one large dimension (two is awesome, of course, but I can’t have everything.)



I’ve been working on a chart/table like to those we have for the SO2

Agree the front-to-back straps would be the main problem.

Easily made by sourcing some metal, using the existing parts as templates and drilling new holes, or buy parts from someone who did the XXL upgrade?

I think the XXL is simply longer front to back. The width of XL and XXL is the same according to the specs. I suppose it would be possible to cut the 2 aluminum rails on each side to make it into an XL or some where between an XL and an XXL if you wanted. Just make sure you use a solid Jig when cutting both so they are exactly the same size. You would then probably need to re-tap the 4 bolt holes on the ends you cut off.

At least that would be my thought on the matter. Alternatively you could trade the rails with someone whom may want to upgrade? Maybe you even make a tiny bit of money on the trade deal.

The OP will be able to re-use most of his original SO3 — no need to cut rails, just re-use the two originals as one would in a normal SO3 -> XL upgrade.

The problem is that the new wider machine wants additional structure under the wasteboard — however, if Psychlist1972 has an older style SO3 w/ the extra structure to allow for the old two-part wasteboard, likely those parts could be repurposed to make up the difference.

Thanks all

Yes, I’d like to use the original Shapeoko 3 rails rather than cut down the XXL if I can. That way I can change to XXL in the future if I decide. I wasn’t sure if the original and the XL are the same length, though. There’s a 1" difference in the specified work envelope on the site.