Building Aluminum Clamp for Air Line/ interesting miss cut

Was playing about with some simple ideas for clamping my air line. Decided to machine some practice pieces to see how they turned out. The nozzle fits pretty darn well considering I decided not to change to a small radius mill for the finishing passes to really make the corners tight. 2 things caught my attention and nerves :grimacing:. First off was the step over on the first pass of the adaptive clearing, in F360 It shows it being less than 40% visually which roughly matches the actual numbers. But sure made me jump as the first 1-2 seconds are nearly 80% width of the mill. I slowed the feed rate a bunch until that operation was finished. Then for the half circle at the bottom, it plunged a very small corner off that it shouldn’t have been touching every time it went back to start a new pass, (made me jump as well). I’m almost positive it has nothing to do with where/ how I zeroed the machine, nor is it stock positioning/size (remeasured it after it was finished and everything matches up). In order for me to get that semi-circle cleared at the bottom I sketched a small boundary around it so It wouldn’t try and machine entire profile of the stock. I’m guessing I made an error there that forced it drop too close to the stock. However the finish on the semi-circle is absolute butter. It actually feel so smooth that you’d think it was oiled up. Figured I’d share it with you guys.


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