Bump in my Z-axis :(

Got a bump in my z-axis. Track looks to be clean; thinking it has to be one of my v-wheels. Wondered if anyone has any tips on keeping that from happening or any other sources for the bump? Its been causing me to skip on the z axis every once in a while when cutting to a new depth between passes.

I have a slight bump on the y axis as well, but I have been following some tips to not let the machine sit to long at the same coordinates. I’ll move the gantry around a bit every day I dont use it to make sure it isn’t deformingthe v-wheels. for the most part thats kept it from getting worse that I can tell. except for the z axis.

It may be that you’ve tightened the V-wheels to much and they’ve developed a flat spot — if that’s the case, loosen them, let them sit overnight, then tighten them again in the next day, being careful not to over-tighten — they should be just tight enough that the wheels will just barely move the gantry when rotated.

If that’s not the case and they’re damaged or defective, contact support@carbide3d.com and we’ll set it right.

I have the same issue with my Y axis wheels. I believe its from over tightening them when I assembled the machine so 2 are egg shaped. Letting them sit 4 days unassembles did not solve the problem. I discovered this when surfacing and HDPE waste board and I had even wavy cornrows. Sticking your finger against the rail and carriage you can definitely feel it and see it move the top of the carriage plate in and an out swinging the tip of the End Mill like a pendulum.

If your V-wheels won’t return to round, please contact support@carbide3d.com and we’ll work this out with you.

Got back to my machine last night to cut some signs. And the bump was gone. I dont know if something was stuck to the V-wheel and got dislodged or what. I went ahead and re-tension-ed everything just in case. Seems to be all good now though.

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