Buying & Shipping used Nomad 883 Pro - Tips

I’m working through the purchase of a Nomad 883 Pro. Wondering if there are things to look out for. Here are a few questions I have.

  • What is the best way to package and ship the unit? Is the original packaging anything special? Or could any stout cardboard packaging suffice?

  • Is there a proper way to fixture or home the unit for shipping that makes it less likely to cause harm?

  • What about the included software? Will I encounter issues installing MeshCAM or Carbide Create? Does the previous owner need to do anything to release the licenses before I can install it?

Any other tips or issues that have come up for others who have purchased these things used are greatly appreciated.


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We recommend the original packaging, but any stout cardboard box with suitable padding around the edges / corners will be fine.

Please see the photos at: — putting it up into a corner and using pipe insulation and zip ties to secure things as was done to ship the machine will work fine.

Carbide Create is free for anyone to use on any machine. The MeshCAM license is tied to a machine / e-mail, but you can e-mail w/ your e-mail so that we can sort things out. The new MeshCAM v7 beta has a licensing mode where you set the software up to work with only a Nomad and it makes encrypted G-Code which will only work on Carbide Motion connected to a Nomad.

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@WillAdams I’m guessing to get the MeshCAM license transferred he would also need the previous owner’s email?

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I’m not sure if we transfer the license for v6 or no — the v7 license works for anyone w/ a Nomad, so arguably is the solution.

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Thanks guys for the info.

Sounds like I don’t have much to worry about on the software side if things. And I think the seller has proper shipping covered.

I hope I don’t contribute too many noob questions, but I’m excited to get moving with this thing.

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