C’mon, show me a v-carve

Lol, embarrassing stuff here.

“Show me a close up of a v-carve grandfather”.

“Cool, why does it have those ridges?”


Yeah, I know…

Just an anecdote on grandkids.


Ok kids Christmas is canceled!! Lol.

Ridges I have had them from tramming issues

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Have you tried to run the job a second time? Sometimes, deflection can cause ridges and on a second pass the bit will run without deflecting as there is less material to push.

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Lol, it’s fixed.

Had just changed v-wheels on HDZ and installed a new wasteboard. Neglected to verify tram prior to running job. Plus, doc in job was incorrectly set at 0.1”.

I reran the job in,VCarve, with start depth at 0.05”, doc 0.4”. Cleaned off all the ridges, saved the piece, a $40 chunk of 8/4 Sapele.