Cabinet door profiles are cutting of center

Recently I haven’t had any issues with my Shapeoko XXL but recently it has been cutting the profiles on cabinet doors off center. I’ve thought about just moving the design over however much its off by and calling it a day but i don’t want to have to do that every time since I cut a lot of different sizes that constantly change per job. I’m a super beginner and do not know what is causing the problem and I just need some guidance on what could be the issue

Hi Hunter,

Shifted cuts tend to be due to either losing steps on one stepper motor due to excessive resistance while cutting, or loose pulleys on the motor shafts.

The former can happen if you use too aggressive cutting parameters, or if you reach one of the mechanical limits of the machine during a job, or if something gets in the way of the gantry (e.g. a dust shoe catching on a top clamp)

The latter can happen if the setscrews on the motor pulleys are loose or not properly aligned.

Can you upload a picture of what the shifted cut looks like (versus where it should have been)? That will help narrow down the possible causes. If this started to happen out of the blue I would bet it’s the pulley setscrews.


If you are using the pro I recommend checking up on the lubrication guide.

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For the lubrication PDF see:

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