Cable find help pls 🙏

I need to find this please any help?

Is this kit will help for the board?

Qibaok Crimping Tool Kit Ratcheting Crimper with 1550PCS 2.54mm Dupont Connectors and 760pcs 2.54mm JST-XH Connectors for AWG 26-20(0.1-0.5mm²)

I would just cut 4 pins from a larger pin header, and solder a wire to one of them, then do solder bridges to the other pins, add a piece of heatshrink tubing around that, done.

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What about the 2 pin connector is is the same kit that I mentioned in the link ? And very big thanks :pray:

Ah right, so you can do it the right way with a crimping tool like the one you linked, or you can do it the quick and dirty way I end up using when I’m lazy: reuse an existing Dupont wire with female connectors at one end, cut it, strip the wire, and solder that to the wire you soldered to the 4pin header.

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I’m coming to find that crimping DuPont connectors is an art form in and of itself.


If you can tell me what the right tool and right method is to get consistent results, I’m all ears, then I’ll revisit my current approach which is:

  • grab my crimping tool, and the parts
  • meticulously prepare the wire for crimping
  • try to align things in the crimp tool, drop things on the floor a couple of times, get irritated, press the crimping tool, see the result, get more irritated.
  • put the crimping tool back in its drawer while cursing, grab the soldering iron for some Dupont jumpers hacking time.
  • feel bad about not mastering such a simple technique
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It makes me want to practice with every single female pin in the kit I bought, but also has me terrified that I’m going to yield nothing but a goose egg.

One of the best instructable I’ve come across just so happens to be on the topic of DuPont crimping.


Awesome instructable! There goes my evening.

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