Cad suggestions

I’m looking for basic, easy to use cad software to create more detailed DXF drawings, does anyone have some suggestions on free or very inexpensive software please. Thanks.

For 2D CAD there are a couple of free/opensource options:

If you don’t need a DXF you may be able to make use of Carbide Create, or a vector editor such as Inkscape.

Hi Roger. Welcome!

Free you can look at inkscape or FreeCAD. I am just starting to learn FreeCAD and it is likely to be good but has a definite learning curve like all software. Easiest to use is Carbide Create (free) for simple CAD and Carbide Motion (also free) for simple CAM. It really will depend on your intended use and your current skill level as to what may suit you best. It may also be relevant as to what computer system you use. The Carbide software runs well on either major operating system. There may be other choices but it depends on where you see your own current skill set and your intended endpoint.

Of what?