Calculate Volume of a cut

I too came to this page to ask for this feature. I see a few where it has been closed without any updates on whether or not it will be implemented.

When CC is calculating the cut time, it would be nice to be able to see how many cubic inches/mm were removed for that cut.

It could be an option/preference that could be enabled for those of us that would use it. Even if it was only a feature in CC Pro, that alone would justify the license purchase for me. Currently, I have to waste time putting my svg into Fusion 360, extruding each of the cuts, then looking at the properties of each body to see the volume. Time savings isn’t the only pro for this feature. Resin isn’t cheap and neither are good pigment pastes. Over time, I would waste less and thereby make more money.


Are you drawing your design in CC?

Yes. I am only using Fusion 360 to calculate volume

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This feature would also be very usefull for people that have to estimate expoxy volume…

Not to speak for the programmer, but I believe the 3D representation shown in the preview is an open array of polygons with no volume. It is simply not be possible to calculate a volume from that visualization data created when a toolpath is generated. And without a significant rewrite of Create that would make it more resource intensive, it’s never going to do what you’re asking for.

That being said, I think a reasonable compromise in the Modeling workspace would be a way to interrogate a closed vector and provide an area. Then you could just multiply that surface area by the depth you expect to cut and come up with a volume for a pocket. What do you think, Rob?


We’ve got some ideas…


A complicated 3D volume would not be necessary. I think Area of selected vectors would be perfect.

Volume = Area * Depth

For a V-carve with no pocketing, Volume = (Area * Depth) / 2 or
90° Vee: Volume = Area / 2
60° Vee: Volume = Area * 0.577

It would get tricky with multiple depths, but so far I’ve only done those with multiple cuts/pours, so I would calculate each one separately.

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From a practical point of view, you can really only get information from the simulation data:

  • Depth of V-carve varies from the corner to the deeper part
  • Advanced V-carve has a combination of V and tapered pocketing
  • Ball mills

I could argue that none of that matters, and a straight area X depth calculations are good enough, but then I can start the countdown timer until we get the email: “How dare you- have you no idea how wasteful that is???!!!???”

So, we’re likely to base it on simulation data even though there are all kinds of special cases there too.


I always over mix my epoxy sadly. Better safe than sorry I guess. I haven’t done anything deep like a river table where it would make more difference.

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While we’re at it, if you have a favorite epoxy, can you share it here, ideally with a link? If you have more than one, post them all.

(A little added context- we’re thinking about adding an epoxy calculator to add a bit more information beyond just volume)


I use Nicpro:

I wouldn’t necessarily call it my favorite as it is the only one I have tried. I bought the 1 gallon kit which is a 1/2 gallon of each part. I have been using it for 7 months or so and was just thinking it is getting close to time to order more so I was going to see what others prefer.

It has worked well but is certainly not “Bubble free” as they claim. Heat solves that though.

I wish it cured faster but other than that happy with it.

EDIT: BTW, I mixed up 2 ounces for something this morning and only ended up needing 1/2 ounce so having a way to better guesstimate would be great.


Famowood Glazecoat. Has worked great up to 0.125 thick. (1:1 mix)


Total Boat High Performance - super easy to work with, takes pigments and dyes well, only one I use for epoxy inlays.


Ouch, that’s expensive but maybe worth it.

Do you use the slow, medium or fast formulas?

@robgrz note that one is a 2:1 formula vs the 1:1 on the Nicpro. I assume that wouldn’t really matter to your estimates though.

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No, but I found the disagreeing images funny. I assume it’s right out of China.

Right now I have only used the slow. Will probably switch to the medium when I finish my current gallon.

For folks who find this with a search, this was added as a Pro feature in build 760:

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