Calibration of Z tutorial

Hi Guys,
Can someone please give me step by step instruction on how to calibrate my Z depths. I am consistently getting .04 to .065 short on depths,
Thank you!

I have written a short section on XYZ calibration here:

Carbide3d page on this is similar:

Basically cut a pocket, measure depth, adjust $102


Thank you for the help.
After reading the links, I probably should just continue adjusting my stock to leave and base depths for now. My spoil board is not level and I would probably be wasting my time at this point. I hope to have a stable environment to level on within the next month. I will plan ahead and bolt down material before I start working on tool paths and test depths before, not during to avoid re generating. Only issue with that is after using negative stock to leave values, you can not see generated tool paths on surface in Fusion cause they are buried in the stock model, you have to turn the model off to see the full tool path…

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