Calibration Question - XL

Amateur hour question here.

I’m trying to calibrate my machine. Everything appears to the best of my knowledge to be positioned correctly. However, when I just finished surfacing my supplementary spoilboard I noticed fine ridges on all cuts along the x axis. There aren’t any ridges along the y axis cuts though. I’m trying to think through were an adjustment is needed, but I can’t seem to wrap my mind around it.

I’m using a 1.0 inch Whiteside spoilboard surfacing bit.

I’m sure during my search of the forum I missed a post about this specific topic, and for that I apologize. Thanks in advance for any advice.

You need to square up your spindle / Z-axis carriage plate from left–right, or may need to level your gantry or wasteboard. See and the sections above it.

As soon as I hit post I found Julien’s blog about his experiences with the Shapeoko. My problem was not only addressed, but the solution he presented made sense. I think I may understand what I need to do.

Very new to ALL of this, so I guess I’m just having trouble thinking in an XYZ fashion.

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Thank for the fast response Will. I think I may understand what needs to be done now.