Calling all XXL users... anyone interested in the Aluminum Base (Bump)

I’m trying to keep this Aluminum XXL Base initiative a possibility. If anyone is interested, please message Russell over on Facebook about this:

I beleive the conundrum for takers on this initiative comes from disparate mounting hole dimensions between XL and XXL.

I’m also looking for any ideas from the community to make this reality? Could this be a KickStarter? A yes message on Facebook does not constitute a cash commitment.

I’m still poking at this possibility over on Shapeoko/Nomad Users Group on Facebook. If anyone else is interested in this initiative please post… I’m still holding out hope that enough interested users will step up to bring this to fruition.

If this doesn’t pan out I’ll go solo and contract with a local shop…

Here’s the signup sheet for anyone interested in the aluminum XXL bed crowd funding initiative put together by Russel Cereola over on the Shapeoko/Nomad Users Group on Facebook. Pricing is currently set for a 26 pc, batch.

You have the option of buying one or both plates…

Hopeful this comes to fruition.
Please consider participating.

This looks great, but too pricy for my youth-serving org without additional grant funds.

We do have a partnership with both a machine shop and water cutting outfit that would likely donate the time & materials. Are the schematics available anywhere to recreate locally for those with the connections to do so?

Of course, I understand if you don’t want to undercut the group buy.

Bumping this thread for the holiday weekend in hopes of attracting additional signups… check out post#3 for the link.

I’m interested but I am not sure how it would work with just half the thread table on my machine and the other half as MDF. Would it be level across the two halves.

Not sure I can afford to order two halves.


I believe the nominal plate thickness is still 0.51", so you’d have a step to contend with. You could level a spoil surface atop the Al base that could match the other half.

Where’s the signup for the XL Aluminium Bed?

See post #3

Yes very interested… I just have the money right now lol