Camera Slide Acrylic Plate

just finished a project where I modeled up a few parts support a camera slider. 3/4 acrylic plates…

Modeled in Onshape Source files
Machined on Nomad

1/8 flat mill
FR 500 mm/min
depth 1mm

I tried a whole bunch of feeds and speeds. The above seems to have given the most reliable results.


@jdunne very nice result.
Quick questions… about how long did the full milling take to complete, and what method did you use to hold down the acrylic during the 2 sided milling ?

@jdunne, what a beautiful job. Acrylic is so nice to machine and gives “crisp” edges and surfaces since it is so stiff. And that is a neat-looking camera slide. Is that an Igus/Iglide rail?

Yep IGUS slide…

I keep modifying the plate and remachining. I am on my 5th plate now…

Interestingly I am having a lot better luck with Nomad and Acrylic than I did with the Shapeoko2. Nomad just seems to be able to reduce chatter, flex and slippage.

I am looking forward to upgrading to S3… that does look promising… For parts like this the extra machining envelope would be welcome.

Just Curious did you look at the model in Onsahpe?

The total job is about 5hrs…

I am using a heat melting plastic to glue it to the waste board… Seems to work very well. Robert might be able to shed light on the exact material? Its a blue plastic material…


the one that came with the mill? I think that’s fixture wax.

how did I miss this thread that’s really cool!