Can Carbide Create draw open ended lines or curves, and how do you delete specific elements?

Is there any way to use the drawing tools in Carbide create to draw lines or curves that do not have to close back on themselves or does everything have to be some sort of a complex polygon?

Also, is there anyway to highlight and delete specific elements without deleting everything on the grid? If you move an element off the work space does that effectively remove it from being picked up when a tool path is being generated?

Thanks in advance for someone’s assistance!

You can’t — I’ve asked for it as a feature. Use Inkscape instead.

You should be able to select an object, then hit backspace or delete to remove it.

Thanks for your reply. Regarding using Inkscape, when I create a drawing in Inkscape, save as an Inkscape .svg file, then open in Carbide Create, only the closed loops appear on the grid. Is there some other way I should be saving or exporting from Inkscape for CC to open the entire graphic?


You’ll need to use some other CAM tool, MakerCAM or gcodetools.