Can I control my Spindle Manually?

I recently replaced the router on my Pro XXL with the upgrade spindle kit. Today I decided it was time to replace my X/Y fence and I need to square it up to the machine by milling the edges. I used to be able to run the router in Jog mode to surface the fence. I’m running Carbide Motion and the button to turn the spindle on is there and when I click it it change to “spindle on” but the spindle does not power up. I guess I could program a file on Vectric but was hoping I could just run the spindle in Jog mode like I have done with the router ??


Go into the MDI tab.


The xxxxx is your chosen spindle speed.

Hit the run screen button.

To shut it off I hit the spindle on/off screen button in the job menu.

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Hey, That works !! Thank you so much ! I need to start learning more of the MDI commands to understand my machine better.
Thanks again !

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