Can I create an auto config file

I recently added a z screw to my XXL which requires me to send three Grbl commands to make certain the Z axis works properly.

Q: Is there a way to automatically send a configuration file with these three Grbl commands when i first connect to the cutter? Right now I have to enter each command one at a time.

Thanks, Kevan

Those $ config values are stored in the board’s memory. You don’t need to send them again.

But to answer your Q…yes, you can. (There’s probably no need)

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What z screw requires you to issue commands?

The z screw requires a different G value for $102 vs the z belt… the belt is 40, the screw is 200. It’s a hassle every time I reset the XXL I need to send a code manually for $102=200.

You shouldn’t have to send the $ commands every time you reset the machine. They should be stored in the EEPROM.

The only way they would be getting reset to default is if you are flashing new code to the board, or if some app you are running is resetting them. CM isn’t sending the $ commands on startup, is it?


Yeah, I know it stays there until something changes it. I go back and forth between difference CAM packages (Easel & Carbide Motion) to cut depending upon what I need. Easel wipes wipes out Carbide Motion settings, and vise versa.

I know I need to settle in on one CAM product, but I can’t find one that does all I need.

Why not export gcode from Easel and run in Carbide Motion. No reason to keep switching, or maybe I’m missing something?


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Try Fusion360. Free, takes some learning, but guaranteed it’ll do everything you’ll ever need to do.

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I don’t think either would wipe any settings. Lets say you connect through Easel…what are you doing that you know the settings are being “wiped”? You should just click “Carve”.

I think both might do something weird with $10 (CM = 255, Easel = 115), but those won’t affect your steps per mm. If that was the case, you’d never be able to adjust your steps/mm to account for machine specific variations.

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