Can I find a numerical value for my "zero" on top of the stock on Shapokeo 3?

Today I was milling a part, i forgot to turn the router on so it was just rubbing on the wood. I had done holes before I was going to face the part.

My thought: I will delete the hole operation in the Gcode and start it right from the face. WRONG, jacknifed right through my wood.

This could have all been solved if i could input the 0,0,0 manually.

Like when i start the job i jigger it to the corner of my wood and then “zero” it. But my question is: IS there any way to find out and set it to specific numbers? The amount of times I have had to make a small change but couldnt because of the lack of a zero saved state.

Yes, one can do that by setting an offset zero using the MDI.

Careful though, you have to override Carbide Motion to directly interact with Grbl, and it stores information about the machine state there as well — I believe G54 is reserved for use by CM, so check and find a WCS which isn’t reserved.


and the balance of that page.

I think @Bonch uses G28 and G30, but I think she’s using them with Universal GCode Sender (or at any rate, NOT with Carbide Motion).

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