Can i pay an experienced person out there to help me with some simple designs?

Hi all knowing forum! Is there anyone out there that I can pay to do some simple text layouts for engraving and generate reliable g-code for me?
I think someone with experience would be able to do it in an hour or two max- I’ve been struggling with Carbide Create and am getting nervous about up coming deadlines.
Thanks sooooo much!

I’m happy to help. What exactly do you need? You can email me on

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Thanks Leith! I’m laying it out now in Illustrator, I’ll shoot you an email tomorrow for you to take a look. :slight_smile:

okay sounds good, once i have that ill take a look and get back to you

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Hi, I never got an email…

Sorry Leith! I think I figured out what I need for now.:slight_smile: Can I keep you mind for future needs?

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I just sent you an email with a file for you to look at :slight_smile: