Can I re-cut pockets that are too shallow

I designed a serving tray with 8 pockets of various size and shapes. As the job progressed during cutting, the pockets kept getting shallower. I’m thinking that maybe the bit was not tight enough in the collet and it kept slipping up into it. Now that said, after I tighten the bit, can I go back and re-cut the shallow pockets as long as I haven’t moved the stock.

yes as long as the zero is the same you can do that… the only thing to make sure of is that you let carbide motion remeasure the Z of the bit using the bitsetter… after all the bit moved vertically
During normal toolpath operations CM will do this automatically… just don’t skip it.

If you want to verify if the zero point is still correct, what you can do is type
“G0X0Y0Z10” in the “MDI dialog”
That moves it 10 mm above the zero you set… and you can then use the “1 mm” movement size in the jog screen to go down 10x to see if that is right
(the reason I’d like to go 10 mm above is that if the Z changed a bit… this gives me room for error)
NOTE: Before you do this, use the “Measure tool” option in Carbide Motion first!

(or if you don’t have a bitsetter, you need to set the Z again)


Can I single out just the shallow pockets or do I have to run the entire job again

in the design in Carbide Create you can just pick the toolpaths you want to run again… so yes you can pick the pieces you want. CC has a “starting depth” option as well; if you use that you basically tell it there is already a pocket with that depth and it starts cutting only from the depth you set… avoids cutting air :slight_smile:

(in CC, if you right click on a toolpath there is a “disable” option so you can disable the paths you don’t want to run, without having to completely delete them from the file)


Terrific info, thank you very much.

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