Can I Run Nomad3 Without Spinning Spindle?

I have an application where we’d like to try using a needle to perforate a specific pattern of holes into a soft material. A thick felt.

I have the collet for securing a 1mm diameter needle, and I will run program as if the needle was a drill bit, but we’d also like to see what happens if the needle isn’t spinning. Just pecking through.

Can I set spindle speed to zero? Or, is the only way to do it to remove belts from spindle motor? Would removing belts cause undo stress on spindle motor since there’s no resistance?
What’s the best work around here?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Carbide Create doesn’t allow setting spindle speed to zero, but setting to 1 and then editing will work — I did that for a leatherworking project.

(please don’t remove the belt or run the spindle motor w/o load)

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Thanks - I thought removing belts would not be a good idea.

What exactly do you mean by “and then editing”? I’m very new to this machine.
I appreciate all the help you might provide.

Open up the generated G-code in a text editor (e.g. Notepad) and look for a line like M3 S1 and remove it.

The G-code file is a list of instructions telling the machine what to do to make your part. M3 means “turn on the spindle” and “S1” means “with the speed set to 1 RPM”. Removing that line means the machine is never told to turn the spindle on, so it won’t.


FYI - on the Nomad3 with the newest releases of “Carbide Create” (build 530) - setting spindle rpm to “1” basically turns off the spindle. I did not have to manipulate gcode at all.


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