Can I Use A Mac AND PC?

Currently i use a macbook pro as my one and only computer. I’d like to have a second laptop that i use only for running CNC projects from but i don’t want to cough up the money for another mac right now.
If i get an inexpensive PC/Windows laptop, are the Carbide Create files cross-platform compatible? If I’m inside and I create a CC file on my mac, could I still open and edit that file on the windows laptop? and vice versa?
And then what about the gcode files?



The gcode is gcode, it is not mac or PC it is gcode. You could switch your Carbide Create back and forth as long as you save your gcode. Not sure if the Carbide Create files are cross platform but the gcode is the same for both systems. When using Carbide Motion when you send the configuration to the C3D machine you are also configuring the copy of Carbide Motion on the machine you are sending the configuration from. So if both your Mac and PC had sent the same configuration you could use either to run the Shapeoko. Carbide Motion used on two different models of Shapeoko are not interchangeable. If you use CM on an XL and switch to an XXL or vice versa you will have issues with the function in CM. CM remembers the last machine configuration sent and assumes you are on the same machine each time you connect to a Shapeoko/Nomad. So if in doubt simply send the configuration and CM will be configured for your machine.

gcode is gcode and is sent to the Shapeoko is is the same file saved on a PC and/or MAC. The CC files may not be cross platform, you have to investigate that on your own.


I currently do most of my design on my Mac and save the CC file or the gcode to Google Drive.
Then I open the files on an inexpensive PC that I leave connected to my CNC and have had no issues.
All I do is make sure that I keep the configurations and versions up to date and in sync across both.

One thing to keep in mind is that when you are editing Carbide Create files on multiple computers and you are using a specific font for a line of text, it also needs to be installed on both and even then I’d be careful to check and make sure it looks right.

If you are just opening the saved gcode file and running it from the PC, you don’t need to worry about that.


cool. thanks to both of you for the info. it confirmed everything i was thinking! I just really want to keep my main computer out of the dusty shop! :raised_hands:t2:


The files built on PC work on Mac (I design on my PC and have an old imac running my shapeoko).

The only issue I have run into is that related to fonts. If the font used is not available on the second machine it will automatically replace the font and change your design in carbide create. (it does not impact GCODE files) When I ran into this issue there was not any warning dialogs that this occurred, so I didn’t notice until after I had run the GCODE i generated on the second machine.

I haven’t used carbide create in several years, so this may have been solved since I last used it.

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