Can I use Carbide Creat with others laser cutting machines

Hello I’m new whit this technology, I’m looking for a software for laser cutting and I found thisone that looks very nice but I want to know if I can use Carbide Create whit other kinds of machines ?


Yes, Carbide Create outputs fairly basic G-Code — it’s just a matter of mapping the tool changes, feed rates, cutting depths, and safety height to something which works with the machine — it may be necessary to do some post-processing/editing.


So Can I connect directly my laptop to any laser cutter machine using Carbide Create or Carbide motions?

Thanks again

Using Carbide Create you can create a file which can be sent to pretty much any machine which understands the G-Code which it makes.

Carbide Motion is specific to Carbide 3D machines and won’t work with other devices.