Can I use Supercut to lubricate the z axis thread?

Nomad is making occasional loud sounds when moving in the z axis, was thinking lubrication might help but all I have on hand is Supercut cutting fluid. Can this double as lubricant?

I’m pretty sure you want to use lithium grease. Will can tell you for sure. It’s probably on the Nomad Wiki page somewhere.

KB article:


I was thinking about the lead screw

What is the lead screw made of? (In the Nomad(s))

Probably 303 Stainless Steel.

My apologies, left out a word β€” what is the lead screw nut made out of?

If brass, then 3-in-1 Oil? Delrin would use some lubricant compatible w/ that plastic β€” if any lubricant is called for β€” pretty sure the nut is designed to be self-lubricating.

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