Can Nomad cut this?

Thinking about buying this CNC, but I have doubts it’s possible to cut parts like this (attached)…
Lens2-redo144e.STL (2.6 MB)

It would be a challenging thing to make — do you need the indentations on the underside?

Would it be an option to rotate them slightly (is it four separate parts ganged up or one component?) so that the flat surface was at 90 degrees instead of the now vertical area adjacent to the rounded area? Changing the latter to an incline will allow you to get in with a smaller endmill for detailing the parts of the curve close to the rounded area.

Should be doable though, esp. if this is intended as an original for a mold. (Do you need to preserve the sprues at the bottom or could one make a hole and insert them after?)

If you d/l the MeshCAM beta you can experiment with it.

Yeah, I would need all parts cut without any leftover material on that one…

It’s 4 identical parts merged into one, but the current view of the .stl is sideways as you have noticed. Smallest radii are about 0.25mm which is a bit nasty, but Protolabs was able to cut that fully.

I could sacrifice the sprues, but then would I be able to reinsert something similar to the same dimension accuracy? Those pins are for centering this part correctly, so they have to be pretty much spot on.

Good call on meshlab, thank you! Will play around

For the sprues, why not machine holes for locating pins?

The pins on this piece are inserted into the holes for locating

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