Can one radius a board on the 2.5d Shapooko XL

I know the Shapeoko is a 2.5D CNC. Is there a way to put a 16 degree radius on a board?
I am inlaying guitar fingerboards and it would be nice for the CNC to do the radius as well.

You can probably shape the radius reasonably closely using a 3D file which describes it and a ball-nosed endmill — this would need 3D CAD/CAM.

If you want a flat chamfer you could work up a jig to hold the part at an angle and then surface that.

Shapeoko3 is capable of full 3D cutting assuming you have a 3D model. 2.5D would mean that the Z-axis only moves when the X/Y are stopped, so you would be cutting layer by layer, much in the same way a 3D printer works but using subtractive rather than additive manufacturing. On the SO3 all axis can move at the same time. Now if you’re planning to use Carbide Create then you get 2.5D toolpaths, but if you’re exporting a 3D model in .stl format for instance and use CAM software such as MeshCam then you can do full 3D. So really it’s up to your models and whatever software you’re using for CAD/CAM that would limit the 2.5D versus full 3D and not the machine itself. Hope that helps,



Thank you for the reply. So I can run my shapeoko XL directly from Meshcam and not use Carbide Motion? Are their other programs that will replace Carbide motion as well?
I have Vetrics Cut2d and can upgrade to Vcarve which will generate 3D tool pathways. I use Tubrocad for drafting.
Thank you for the help!

Not quite.

You would use MeshCAM in lieu of Carbide Create, then you would send the G-code to the machine using Carbide Motion or any other communication / control program you might choose.


It’ll do 3d :slight_smile:
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