Can’t find a drawer pull made from hickory...make one on your SO3

I was wandering around my favorite hardwood supplier last week, nothing in particular in mind, just looking for something interesting to inspire me. I found some 4/4 “rustic hickory” and thought it would make a nice side table for our patio set. My lady has been requesting just such a table, so, in the interest of marital harmony, a project is born.

All done but I need a drawer pull, made from hickory. Well, I guess it could be brass or oak. But why not hickory, you’ve got the tool for it.

So, a few lines in F360, extrude, a few fillets and, a drawer pull is born. A top and bottom CAM setup, some spoilboard placeholders, a bit of blue tape and CA. Tops cut, now to flip and cross my fingers.

Stay tuned…


Well, the cuts worked out ok but the boss decided she didn’t want anything interfering with the asthetics of the (clever) slightly off center placement of a rustic feature in the drawer front.

So, I suppose we should delete this post since it has nothing to do with creating with a Shapeoko.

But the thought was there…


Haha - over ruled! Out of interest (for a newbie) can you please elaborate on how you were intending to ensure you got the piece positioned perfectly when you flipped it so you couf route the backside please Griff?

@scottybeefs, check this link to Vectric: It’s a tutorial that includes two methods to accomplish two sided machining.

You might also want to try out V-Carve, a lot of us here use it.


Thanks Griff, will check that out. I plan to check out Vetric later down the line, at the moment though Carbide Create is meeting my learner requirements.