Can’t get axis to line up with bitsetter

When I try to initialise as instructed, following set up for my model and downloading to the machine, both x and y axis line up to proximity switches, but then it stays back right and lowers z axis at rear right of machine when it should move forward to the bitsetter then lower. The software then states fault. New to CNC. Help anyone! All connections checked and ok. Tried swapping y1 and y2, but it then try’s to overrun and makes a terrible noise at front of machine.

Have you enabled the BitSetter?

That should not be done until the machine has successfully intialized and one has the chance to configure the BitSetter location.

OMG I am an idiot! It was right there on the last page, or to be honest… the page I never read! :man_shrugging:t3: Many thanks

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