Can´t save new tools

I try to create a new tool. When I push OK the Included angel turns blue and nothing happens.
This is with an endmill or ball mill. With V mill it works, and I can save a new mill.

Hi Krister!

Is it possible think you might have fallen foul of Carbide3D’s lack of support for using a comma as a decimal separator? Currently you can only enter decimals as (for example) 21.02 and not as 21,02.

(edit: in this case, does the un-editable “included angle” have 0,0 in it or 0.0 ?)

End and Ball mills don’t use the included angle field (always 0.0). Does all of the other information save properly? If so, the program is just preventing you from entering geometry information that isn’t supported by the program. Perhaps they will add tapered endmills as a new category in the future.

Although the field is not editable, it is there, and is probably validated by the form’s validation rules.

My guess is that because of the locale of the user, the value of “zero to one decimal place” is showing as “0,0”, which then doesn’t parse when the save button is pushed.

(edit: this is purely a guess based on the time of day for the post and Krister’s name :slight_smile: )

In 614 which is supposed to be separator agnostic the field is greyed out as soon as you open a End or Ball mill for editing. It is only available for Vee and Engravers. I don’t think there is a problem as long as the supported and required entries are being saved.

It is greyed out in 530 too, which is known not to be separator agnostic, and is probably the version a new user would pick up since the 6 series is only available as a beta link.

I’m just speculating. Let’s see what Krister has to say.

@Gerry Sounds like a plan. @Krister can you tell us which version of Carbide Create and which Operating system you are using.

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Thanks for the reply.
I uploaded the program last week.
I do have , as separator in Windows 10 system.
It seems like the program want me to put something in that window, but it is greyed out and not editabe.
When I push OK, nothing happens, and I can not get out of this window without using Cancel.
I am from Sweden, so I want to use mm bits.

This has been addressed in the recent CC613 beta, see CC614 at:

The big thing is, when one adds/edits a tool, it will be necessary to change all periods to commas.

Hello again.
Just to be extra clear.
This is what my program looks like.

If I change my decimal separator to comma and then launch Carbide Create 614 beta and enter a tool as:

I then get:

That clearly didn’t work… maybe not ready yet?

Also, the read-only field looks inconsistent with 0.0 in it rather than 0,0.

It worked for me when I changed every period in an editable field to a comma.

Did you read the numbers in your “after” shot? They are nearly all zero.

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Oh, except for that. Good point.

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