Can y-axis drag chain be on the right?

I’m to the part of assembling my XL, and found that I have the y-axis rails reversed. (Didn’t see there was a difference and the directions didn’t point it out).

I’d really don’t want to nearly completely disassemble it if it can be avoided. Would it work if the controller and drag chain was on the right rail?

I think you should cut your losses and reinstall properly with the controller on the left rail and the drag chains in their proper place or you will encounter other issues you will have to address to make it work.

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I’m guessing you’re referring to the controller mounting holes on one of the “Y’s”?
I did the same. It’s pretty easy to drill and tap a couple of 6mm holes in the left side rail. Problem solved.

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Some folks have done mirror imaged setups — the concern about this is that the wiring/drag chain will interfere with homing.

It’s not that big a deal to loosen the bolts and swap things around — I lost track of how many times I rebuilt my Shapeoko 1 back when I was first starting out.

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Have to agree with the others. Partially disassembling and switching the rails is the least headache-inducing.


Thanks all, I bit the bullet and swapped them.

If anyone with the power sees this, consider noting the difference in the rail system section of the instructions…


2nd that… I got it wrong first time as well

bonus points for makimg a small L and R sticker on the rails

That’s interesting that the instructions don’t specify. I just got a XXL and the instructions clearly say the rail with the holes goes on the left, the one with the Shapeoko label goes across and the plain rail goes on the right.

I wonder why one would have that information and the other wouldn’t. Seems like a serious oversight on Carbide3d’s part!


in december when I built my XL I found the XXL instructions more accurate than the XL ones and I just printed both next to eachother

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