Can you step and repeat

Is there a command for step and repeat?
I ran across SRX6Y6I3.0J3.0 but can’t get it to work?

I’m cutting the same small part multiple times out of the material, 6 parts in a row and about 6 rows. Carbide Create generated the nc file but at random places the mill will just stop. Carbide Create doesn’t appear to be locked down but the mill does not respond to any commands. I have to turn off the mill, quit Carbide Create and start over. Using the same nc file sometimes it will complete the job and sometimes it will not. When it does stop it is not in the same place each time.

I was thinking about simplifying the nc file by using a step and repeat routine.

I’m afraid Carbide Create doesn’t support this — you could use a 3rd party G-Code utility to do this — list at:

Is your random stopping issue consistent enough that you can do some tests? I recently ran my routers power cord so that it’s no where near any other “data” wires and I THINK it solved the random stop problem, but my stops were pretty inconsistent.

The random stop could be due to static discharge from the vacuum hose if it is not properly grounded or some other electrical interference especially if like me you are in a fairly dry workshop in the winter. There are several threads on this forum on how to address this type of random disconnect as there are many possible causes.

As far as the step and repeat, VCarve offers array copying and nesting to fit your parts on a workpiece but the easiest short term would be to create a file in CC and copy your design and create toolpaths that repeat 6 times or divide your workpiece in 6 and just move X0Y0 to the next predetermined position but it requires that you manually move say X or Y axis to new start location but that should be fairly quick. In CNCjs you may be able to write a macro to move the axis automatically.

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I did have the routers power cord and the USB data line close together. I have separated the two and so far today I’ve had no random stops.

Funny you mentioned the static discharge from the vacuum hose. Just yesterday I got tired of being shocked and ordered a Dust Right® Anti-Static Dust Hose from Rockler. We’ll see if it makes a difference.

As far a nesting the parts, it’s fairly easy and quick to do it manually in Carbide Create. I was just looking for a way to shorten the size of the nc file.


This is a big no-no in the IT world. Clarifying I meant for the router power cord to not be attached to the drag chain or near any of the stepper motors as well.

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Couldn’t one create a gcode to cut two parts one over the other? Then when done change the x so that when the code is run again it will cut the parts next to the previous parts. Then repeat as needed.

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I don’t understand. What does this have to do with carbide create? What I said was create a project that contains something that you want multiple copies of. The gcode will cut this project and stop/end. Now
you move the X-axis some amount of distance from the left say 80mm. zero out the x-axis and rerun the gcode. When done repeat. This should result in three copies of the project. Obviously the material will need to be large enough to create the three projects.


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