Can you use Carbide Create for v-bit/c-varve inlays

Saw a jewelry box project in the wiki section with inlays with nice sharp corners. Can you use Carbide Create to accomplish this, or do you need V-Carve or something else?

Yes, you could use Carbide Create for this, but you’d need to do some math to manually calculate the path offsets.

I think Inkscape has some improved features for offsetting paths, and Illustrator is okay for it (though I prefer Freehand’s UI).

You can manually create a tool path in Carbide Create? Or you create another vector that represents the toolpath and create a carve tool path with that? I think I can figure out the math part, just not sure how you implement it in Carbide Create.

You would need to do the drawing in some other program which has a nice interface for offsetting paths, unless it was only things which could be created with sufficient control in Carbide Create, hence my mentioning UIs for this.