Cannot find cutter

I updated my computer and now I cannot find cutter. Switched to my brother’s computer with wasn’t updated and could find the cutter.

What did Microsoft do in the updates to stop my computer from finding the cutter and how do I fix it?

Plus the tool that you sold me to use for set zero doesn’t work any more. I have to use the bit on the corner of the wood I’m about to cut.

Please try reinstalling Carbide Motion:

If that doesn’t work, let us know at

During CM install drivers are installed to let the usb know what a Shapeoko is.

I am also a new guy and had this same problem. Troubleshot it down to the operator failing to press the blue button. Red one? CHECK. Blue one? Nope.

Does Windows 11 have a conflict with Carbide CREATE OR MOTION?

I am running Windows 11 and have not had any issues with the software or the machine. I purchased a PRO less than a month ago. I have used Create, Motion and Vectric along with Fusion 360.

I haven’t had a chance to download Carbide Motion yet because the machine is at my brother’s house where we hobby together. I updated our computer while there this weekend and he ask me why it wouldn’t connect to Motion. We used it before updating so I was wondering if Windows 11 could be the issue. He lives 2 hours from me so my time is very limited with trouble shooting.

If you upgraded Win 10-11 you need to install cm again to update libraries and drivers. If it was a clean new install still meed to reinstall to be sure libraries and drivers are there.

Be sure to go onto devices and make sure your usb devices are recognized.

Thank you for your help.

I am having the same issue with my computer not recognizing the driver. I have uninstalled and reinstalled on two separate computers. I have a new machine xxl that I put together 2 days ago but i can’t get past the first screen. I am not very computer literate but I have read enough posts to try some basic things.

Please contact us at and we’ll get this worked out as quickly as we can.