Cannot initialize new Shapeoko 4

Need help! Just set up a Shapeoko 4 which XXL everything has gone perfect so far, we checked all our connections and did the sensor indication test but the unit will not home. Gives us a failure when it’s trying to home on initialization. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

What error message?

Please write in to and we will do our best to assist.

The most common start up problem is your proximity switches need adjusted. You verified they work. So power off and slowly move gantry to homing position. Power on and connect but do not initialize. Go to settings and debug and see if x and y are triggered. If not then adjust switch until it does. If z is not triggered then power off and manually turn lead screw until z is at top. Power on and connect but not initialize and repeat above debug.

Then try initialize. During initialization the router goes up to homing switch and then x and y home. If z goes down it could be config. The Z-plus and HDZ go in opposite directions when running. If the z goes down at first you may have picked wrong z or your z homing switch is stuck on.

So during initalization z goes up and triggers homing switch and then moves down a few mm. That is called pull off. Then x and y home and after triggering homing switch they also move away from switch a few mm.

Thank you all for the ideas.

In following these instructions we determined that the x proximity switch on the pcb is illuminated and the sensor (red) x switch is not. We cannot get the blue pcb light to turn off. The debug shows x pin check marked.

All of the other proximity switches function correctly.

If all agree…sounds like we need a new x proximity switch? Just a bummer it’s a holiday weekend and we are stuck.

Thank you!


You could try moving the switches around. That would verify a bad switch or a wiring problem. If you move a good switch to the bad position and it works and the old switch is still broke in the new position you know it is a bad switch. However if you move a good switch to that position and it still does not work you can look at the wiring. Simple process of elimination.

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